My research interests cover mainly issues of economic growth: cross-country comparisons of productivity and output growth, technical change and efficiency, and innovation and technology spillovers. These topics also bring me into areas such as international trade, industrial dynamics and applied econometrics.
Currently, I am involved in a number of research projects that study: productivity and efficiency in the exporting market; technology, innovation and competition in the service sector; and international integration and specialization.
Selected Publications
[1] Technology Clubs, R&D and Growth Patterns: Evidence from EU Manufacturing. European Economic Review, vol. 54(1), pages 60-79, (January) 2010 (with Jaap W.B. Bos and Michael Koetter).
[2] Do All Countries Grow Alike? Journal of Development Economics, vol. 91(1), pages 113-127, (January) 2010 (with Jaap W.B.  Bos, Michael Koetter and James Kolari).
[3] Testing the Linkages between Trade and Productivity Growth.Review of Development Economics, vol. 12(4), pages 845-860, (November) 2008 (with Antu Panini Murshid).
 Teaching (& Administration)
  1.   Growth Economics (B.A. & M.A. level)
  2.   (Advanced) Macroeconomics (B.A. & M.A. level)
Organizer and contact person:
  1.   Research Seminars Series (co-ordinator)
  2.   Erasmus Placement (co-ordinator)
 - Ph.D.
• Lu Zhang, “Risk Sharing and Industrial Specialization”, School of Economics, Utrecht University, the Netherlands (The Dutch Scientific Organization, NWO, grant).
• Ryan van Lamoen, “Essays on Competition, Innovation and Technology”, School of Economics, Utrecht University, the Netherlands.
• Maria Grydaki, “Essays on Volatility and Uncertainty”, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece.
• Dimitris Karamanis, “Essays on Pants and Technology Transfer”, Economics Department, University of Piraeus, Greece
- Post-Doc.
• Kyriakos Drivas, “Firms’ Perception of Patent Valuation”, Economics Department, University of Piraeus (Grant from the National Strategic Reference Framework - NSRF/ΕΣΠΑ)
Claire Economidou
Assistant Professor
of Macroeconomics
Office and Office hours:
    Monday 15.00-14.00 h
    (or by appointment)
    +30 210 4142294
    +30 210 4142301
   Karaoli & Dimitriou 80
    Piraeus 185 34
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-  Milwaukee, Economics 2004